Make your City Smarter with a Voice Assistant
VOICITY is a SaaS solution for cities to build intelligent voice assistants in order to improve the lives of their citizens.
Make your City Smarter with a Voice Assistant
Alert your contacts in an emergency
City residents can notify friends and family of a personal emergency by simply asking their city's voice assistant to do so. It sends an SMS to registered contacts who can then respond by doing a wellness check and calling city's emergency telephone number if necessary.
Call city departments
City residents can place a call to city departments without having to search their phone numbers by simply asking the city's voice assistant which in turn bridges a call between resident's mobile phone and the desired city department.
Receive emergency alert notifications
Citizens can subscribe to receive emergency alerts in which case they will be proactively notified of an emergency on their voice assistant devices.
Find events and festivals
City residents can ask city's voice assistant for schedule of upcoming city wide events, festivals and official meetings.
Find nearest amenities
Citizens can search for nearest city amenities such as dog parks, recreation centers, tennis courts, etc by simply asking the assistant.
Get information
City residents can ask city's voice assistant for information on job listings by city departments, volunteering opportunities, park reservations, pet licences, business licenses, passport application etc.
Report civic issues
Citizens can report potholes, graffiti, debris, trash and other civic issues to the city's public works department through the voice assistant.